► Vanguard New Zealand, TRC enter exclusive partnership
UK grows Egypt, Israel tradelane
► Vanguard Zhuhai expands sales force, customer base

Vanguard broadens reach with office in Vietnam
Conterm New Zealand expands to Christchurch

►  Glenn Family Foundation donates to construction of Calcutta community center

 Largest Philippine food and beverage firm enters agreement with Direct Container Line


NACA USA prepares for impact of West Coast port program
Vanguard New York links IPI network to Greater Texas region

Vanguard New Zealand, TRC enter exclusive partnership

anguard Logistics (VLS) recently entered an exclusive agreement with Tom Ryan Cartage Ltd (TRC) in New Zealand. VLS New Zealand worked with TRC to mold and create a service that would fit the needs of VLS customers. In the agreement all VLS New Zealand import and export FAK is handled by TRC.

“The unique thing about TRC is that we are the company’s only unpack and packing customer. TRC will pick up and unpack a 20 foot or 40 foot FAK container within four hours of that container being available at the wharf,” said Patrick Munoz General Manager for VLS New Zealand.

Munoz explained that the unusually quick turnaround time allows VLS to provide one of the quickest unpack stations located in New Zealand on top of added benefits that come from partnering with TRC.

TRC offers the service of breaking down multiple lines such as co-loads. VLS customer cargo can also be

fumigated at the TRC site if required.

“We also unpack during the day which is very rare in New Zealand, as most unpack stations do all their unpacking at night. This allows us to get a head start and provide faster service," said Munoz.


One of the Vanguard branded trucks in the TRC fleet loads in front of Vanguard's New Zealand office.

TRC has a fleet of over 220 trucks which includes swing lifts, skeletons, flat decks, Hiab trucks, tail lifts, curtain siders and vans. VLS has a six-wheeler and a B train in the TRC fleet painted in VLS company colors.

UK grows Israel and Egypt tradelane


eneral Manager for the United Kingdom, Ryan Murphy, recently met with Egytrans officials, who represent Conterm and Direct Container Line (DCL), to strengthen both communication and sales efforts. The two share a focus on growing the import and export traffic between Egypt and the United States.

“I visited Egytrans to work with their operations staff on using Shiprite and Tariff Trek. While there, I was able to get out in the local market to meet with potential and current customers,” said Murphy.

Egytrans operates four Container Freight Stations in Egypt and has fifteen branches.

Murphy also met with MultiModal Trade and Customs Services (MM Trade) Chairman, Zehavi Goldman. The company represents DCL USA and Conterm UK in Israel. Israel is currently one of the largest export trade lanes for Conterm UK according to Murphy.

The meeting with Goldman was fruitful in determining operational improvements that would strengthen services and amplify the trade lane volume, said Murphy.

 Egytrans colleagues gather from left to right, Heshmat Youssef, Mohamed Amin, Rafaat Sedky, Ibrahim Leheta, Rasha Ezz, Madiha Awad




Vanguard Zhuhai expands sales force, customer base

anguard Zhuhai introduces its first sales representative, Harry Zhang, as the new office enters full operation.

Zhang covers Zhuhai and Zhongshan in the Guangdong Province. He is stationed at the highly discussed Global Resource Center (GRC). Once at full capacity, the center will serve as an excellent home base for sales.

From left to right, Michael Tsui, Vincent Chen and Harry Zhang stand in the entrance lobby of the Global Resource Center

Zhang graduated from Taiyuan University of Technology of Shanxi Province. He has experience with customer service on an international scale. Regional Managing Director of East Asia, Michael Tsui, said he was chosen due to his perseverant attitude in working, which best enables him to develop the new territory.


“Through Harry’s consistency and hard work new accounts have already been added,” said Sales Manager, Vincent Chen.

Haydn O’Brien, Senior Vice President Global Operations, who manages the operations of the GRC noted how quickly development of the GRC has accelerated and said it has been crucial for Zhang to begin servicing customers in the area.

“In the midst of the activity, I am pleased to welcome our first sales representative to the center,” said O’Brien.

Vanguard Logistics broadens reach with office in Vietnam

anguard Logistics Services (VLS)  Singapore recently opened a representative office in Vietnam, which is based in Ho Chi Minh City.

The office will represent all members of the OTS Logistics Group and NACA Logistics (USA) Inc. though Conterm USA is represented by Superstar Global Logistics. The role of the new office is to act as a liaison to service the customer base in the USA - Vietnam trade lane of members of the OTS Logistics Group and of NACA Logistics (USA) Inc. The main operations of the office will be dedicated to customer service and sales. For this reason, the VLS office did not obtain trading rights as all operational and accounting matters will be handled by VLS’s appointed partner in Vietnam, Superstar Global Logistics.

VLS Ho Chi Minh City will initially be staffed with two sales representatives and one inside sales headed by a sales manager. The preliminary plan is to focus on the Direct Container Line (DCL) brand name and promote services for the USA - Vietnam trade lane. Growing the office operations with additional sales and inside sales to support customers is planned for the later part of

2005. The chief representative will be South Asia Regional Director Roy Chew, while Tung Chau DCL sales manager, will run the sales department. Chau has experience in the territory working with DCL and affiliated agents to represent the DCL name.

Sales Executive Duong Minh Hoang , Sales Manager Ngo Tung Chau, Customer Service Bui Do Ngan Giang , Sales Executive Vo Duc Lan  

Conterm New Zealand expands to Christchurch

onterm announced its expansion across New Zealand to Christchurch, with partner Oceanbridge Shipping. The company’s objective is to better serve local customers and make use of the city’s strategic location. The city serves as an ideal point for distribution as it has a deep-water port and is connected by several railways.

The new office and strengthened partnership also brings a direct service from Los Angeles to Christchurch.

“Conterm and Oceanbridge have worked together for over 20 years in what is truly a mutually beneficial partnership,” said Sue Gill, trade manager for Oceanbridge.

The Christchurch office is an extension of the Auckland operation and has been set up to further service customers on the South Island of New Zealand and provide back-up for the Dunedin Branch, according to Mark Corner of Oceanbridge Shipping.

“Our focus is to build direct FAK and FCL into the South Island and reduce, as much as possible, any cargo moving as tranship cargo over Auckland. Tranship cargo via Auckland costs all parties unnecessary money but more importantly diminishes

  the service,” said Corner.

 Ocean bridge colleagues stand from left to right: Olivia Kinnane, Mark Corner, Rachel Henwood

All paperwork for direct FAK and FCL is processed by the Christchurch office giving the South Island customers a local point of contact along with services such as customs clearance and delivery to door.


Glenn Family Foundation donates to construction of Calcutta community center

 The Glenn Family Foundation announced its donation of USD 12,000 for the construction of a community center in Calcutta, India.

The community center will be built at Picnic Garden, which is located in the eastern outskirts of Calcutta. The current church, established in 1944, serves 11,000 parishioners and the educational and social needs of 800 or more families. The new center will better enable the church to care for the growing population and is hoped to uplift the social, educational and cultural development of the region.

From left to right, John Anslow, Owen Glenn and Jimmy Keir stop in front of the current church building in Calcutta, India.

The community center is planned to include a library, meeting rooms and workspaces, counseling rooms, lavatories, storage and utility areas, entertaining facilities and a garden. The amenities are based upon the community's need. According to the community center proposal, to which Father Elias D’Mello, Parish Priest for the church in Calcutta, contributed research, lack of space for children to play and poor housing are among the top community concerns. Members of the community desperately need clean facilities to work, play and gather, said D'Mello.

The center will also provide the community with programs to help the local economy such as vocational skills training for youths and teenagers and micro savings and credits programs for adults. The center will also serve as an outlet for community members to receive preventative medical care with health check ups and referrals to specialized practitioners at near by hospitals.

According to Father D’Mello, parishioners donated what they could afford, however, USD 12,000 was still needed to start construction. Owen Glenn, founder of the Glenn Family Foundation and Chairman of the OTS Logistics Group, quickly donated the needed amount to complete the community center. The center will be constructed next to the area where Glenn lived.

Largest Philippine food and beverage firm enters agreement with DCL

irect Container Line (DCL) announced it was awarded a business agreement with San Miguel Corporation (SMC), one of the largest food, beverage and packaging corporations in the Philippines, for the import and export Asia trade lanes.

“This is a big compliment because SMC is very conservative in choosing an NVOCC for their incoming shipments, even though they usually nominate through an open bidding,” said Inside Sales Manager, Chelo Merin, “It is an attribute to DCL, they can be very particular about the service provided.”

SMC has also awarded DCL Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments from Hong Kong and 32 TEUs from Indonesia to DCL Manila this year. Because of the large volume, Corporate Procurement Unit Officer, Cora de Leon, has endorsed DCL to be registered to SMC’s Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS).

“SMC had only three [companies] that were endorsed by the Corporate Procurement Division and DCL is highly recommended this year for the USA, Manila import trade lane,” said de Leon, “DCL customer service has been wonderful to work with and I hope that they will continue to assist me for smooth business transaction.”

DUNS registration is an important step because it is the initial stage in accreditation with the San Miguel Group of Suppliers. The DUNS number is a unique nine-character identification number which is used for doing business electronically by the Corporate Procurement Unit (CPU) and other Division Purchasing Units of SMC. These units include: SMC Beer Division, SMC Packaging Division, SMC Foods, Monterey Foods, Magnolia, SMC Purefoods, Sugarland, Ginebra San Miguel, Coca-Cola Bottlers, Cosmos Bottlers, and Phil Beverage Partners.

NACA USA prepares for impact of West Coast port program

   NACA Logistics (USA) Inc. has pre-registered with Pier Pass, a non-profit organization created by marine terminal operators.

Pier Pass has created a program with the aim to reduce congestion and improve air quality in and around the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California called OffPeak, which came into effect on July 23.

All companies must register with Pier Pass in order to enter or exit marine terminals in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach by road during peak business hours. The OffPeak program will charge a traffic mitigation fee (TMF) of $40 per 20 foot container and $80 dollars per 40 foot container for cargo moved during the hours of 3 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fees will not be charged during night hours as an incentive for cargo to be moved during low-traffic hours. PierPass hopes this incentive will draw truck traffic away from peak daytime hours and alleviate both port and freeway congestion.

Though NACA USA is registered to move cargo during peak hours the company said it intends to move any

cargo it can during off-peak hours. The most difficult part of moving containers during night hours will be to find drivers willing to work during those hours. The demand for night hours comes during a national shortage of drivers.

According to the Los Angeles Business Journal, drivers are unhappy that the program passes no incentives on to truckers for working a night shift. The Los Angeles Business Journal said Pier Pass officials were scheduled to meet with truckers.

According to Pier Pass, the program will help make better use of port assets by spreading existing traffic across more hours. Ninth District Councilman Val Lerch told the Los Angeles Business Journal that he is concerned Pier Pass will make it easier for more cargo to move through the ports. The Pier Pass organization states that a solution was needed after port congestion in 2004 caused disruption. The organization created its own program as an alternative to the Lowenthall Bill, introduced by Long Beach Assemblymember Alan Lowenthal. Pier Pass said cargo volumes continue to grow and other U.S. ports have limited capacity to handle cargo volume shifted away from Southern California.

Vanguard New York links IPI network to Greater Texas region
   Vanguard Logistics New York is soon to release another new direct-controlled, inland points intermodal (IPI) service from New York to the Greater Texas and Mexican Border region.

Vanguard New York is partnering with World Trade Distribution in creating the fastest and most comprehensive IPI network for imports through the ports of New York to the Texas region. Vanguard will also offer a weekly all-motor service, moving at a two-day transit time to World Trade’s hub.

“This new service will pleasantly shock the customers who are importing via New York. Most are used to the current market standard of rail service and an eight-day rail program,” said Vice President for the eastern region, Robert Sutton.

The new service is set at the same pricing and the company foresees the frequency expanding up to two trucks or more per week said Sutton.

“We continually ask our customers where they need us to be, and the common denominator is speed and visibility. Customs exams affect every importer, and this new service will make up time,” commented Sutton.

World Trade’s tracking program will be feeding Vanguard’s live online web-based status system.

The list of additional points to be covered in the Vanguard IPI program with partner World Trade include: Houston, Dallas, Austin, Brownsville, Hidalgo, Loredo, San Antonio, McCallan, Pharr, Beaumont, Witchita Falls, Waco, Albuquerque, Fort Worth.

President of World Trade, Jeff Joachim, notes, “We cost-effectively service the entire state and the southwest from our centrally located container freight station and U.S. Customs examination station in Houston, Texas. Our relationship with NACA Logistics goes back over a decade. This experience working together offers seamless freight operations in both imports and exports.”


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